Twitter has 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users. 63 per cent of all Twitter users worldwide are between 35 and 65. The ratio of female to male Twitter users is approximately one to two: 34 per cent female and 66 per cent male.


Grow Followers with The Best Twitter Marketing Strategy.

Why is Twitter different from other social media networks?

Twitter requires a different approach and strategies than other social media sites such as Pinterest or Facebook. Twitter is more conversational than broadcasting your content.

At Technicalmad, we give your business by promoting your brand on your social media handle. We will turn your ordinary Twitter account into a real tool that builds leads for your business and builds your brand. We will not just send tweets whenever your company releases a product or upcoming event but is actually increasing your actual following on Twitter.

What do we do in Twitter marketing?

  • Share interesting relevant information and content.
  • Organize engagement for promotional activities
  • Interact with consumers
  • Your networking and branding
  • Reputation management

At Technicalmad we help you market your business on Twitter like a pro. We give you “Active” followers, not just followers.

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Not every company knows the proper ways to use social networking sites to market products. But Technicalmad has a group of people who are working to find effective ways to ensure that the Twitter marketing service in India and in all other parts of the world takes a giant leap so that these media can prove to be cost-effective and timely Methods of promoting goods and services to a wide range of customers.

Twitter Marketing in India

If you are looking for Twitter promotions in India, then hire our Twitter marketing agency. In addition to creating and managing the Twitter profile of a brand or company, we will also set up Twitter advertising. Our Twitter marketing and promotional services are optimized to ensure brand popularity, increased traffic and boosted conversions. Nowadays, we are offering discounts to our new customers, so get in touch with your detailed requirements.

Ready to promote your business on Twitter? Now let’s talk. You can also discuss our other social media marketing services including LinkedIn marketing, Facebook marketing and YouTube marketing.

When starting a promotion on Twitter, you need to do extensive research instead of hiring any general agency that will work for you. If you decide to do this yourself, you are about to invest enough time for research and analysis to find out how the Twitter platform adapts to your respective location. Reputed agencies build teams of resources dedicated to carrying out such research so that it is child’s play for them.

The social media marketing team of SEO Content India spends a lot of time to thoroughly understand the needs of various business projects from overall business marketing goals to specific behaviors of target audiences on Platform et al.

Thus, we were able to suggest the best plans for many of our trusted corporate clients. This included campaign timelines, budgets, and expected results.

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Does Twitter marketing really matter?

About 75% of people following small and medium-sized businesses on Twitter are interested in future product updates. In addition, 7 out of 10 SMB followers are likely to visit the business’s website and make potential purchase decisions. And if they are happy with their experience with the brand, they will also mention its connection to the platform.

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Obviously, you clearly understand that Twitter can bring your business. But this is where the tricky part begins. You know that this is important to your business, but like many other counterparts, you are unsure how to use it to bring in more customers. This is mainly because your business may not have the resources and expertise to successfully get a Twitter marketing campaign up and running.

At Technicalmad ™, our Twitter marketing experts can help you promote your brand on this fast-growing social media platform. Whether you want to establish your presence on Twitter or need a cooperative promotion plan, we help you expand your followers-base and create an effective roadmap to reap the benefits.

How Would You Contact My Twitter Marketing Campaign?

When starting your promotions on Twitter, it is very important that you get your first step right. And it takes a lot of research and analysis to identify how the platform adapts to your respective location. Our social media marketing team spends enough time to thoroughly understand your overall business marketing goals and the specific behaviors of your target audience on the platform, and then suggest the best plan, including campaign timeline, budget, and expected results.

From our harmonious social media marketing experience, we know that advertising your business on Twitter requires a refined touch. Therefore, we ensure that the Twitter marketing strategy you develop is not only state-of-the-art and specific to your needs, but also follows the platform’s Code of Marketing and Advertising Ethics.

How Will You Establish My Business Presence on Twitter?

If you are new to the platform, it is our job to establish a prominent Twitter presence for your business and connect you with your key influencers and build a strong community. Our experts help spark a positive and engaging conversation with your followers and their connections.

We make sure that your business’s Twitter profile is consistent with your website, your overall branding. This process your users will have an impeccable experience with your brand on the web. Our goals are – spread the word around for your products and services, help identify sales opportunities and keep your brand always in a positive light.

Twitter is a boon for most popular micro-blogging social network marketers. With several hundred million users, it allows marketers to tap those who may be their next buyers. If you don’t know how to get the right followers for your Twitter business page, we will help.