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Running a Retail Business? Well, then you must be well aware of the need for a good retail point of sale (POS) system. Without a doubt, it is the heart of every transaction and when it comes to defining a good retail POS system, it does much more than just process customer purchases, handle payments and quickly record sales. is not. In fact, a good POS software developer provides a solution that allows you to do much more than this by making the best use of new and available technologies, such as managing inventory and customers, empowering employees, tracking sales, Identifying regular customers and getting them pricing. . These are some of the things a good retail POS system can do for you.

Meanwhile, to get a scalable POS system, it is important to find the right POS development company that is not only proficient in the field but has the support of a skilled and experienced team. Having said that, as you choose the right pos software development company, keep in mind that it best suits your needs. No matter whether you are choosing a POS system for the first time, or just upgrading your old POS to a new system, there are a few factors to be considered, whether to go for a traditional POS or a mobile POS.

Custom POS for your retail company. Point of Sale is an essential solution to manage your entire business on a single platform. Our expert developers have vast experience in custom POS software development. We are dedicated to finding the best POS solutions for businesses of any size and scale. Chateau partners with top POS software companies including Clover, Verifone, Ingenico, Equinox, Oracle Micro and Worldpay. We follow your unique business style and help build your brand with a custom point of sale apps, POS terminals, dashboards and more.

Are you looking for a smart and customized POS system that will make it easy to run your business? Logic can help. Regardless, if you are a restaurant, retail or service provider, we can build your POS system exactly what you need for your business. With our technologically advanced POS solution, you can track inventory, make payments, run reports, print documents and manage timesheets. You can monitor sales, refunds and other databases in real-time and from anywhere. You can also export reports for payroll, accounting and taxes. Our easy-to-use Clover POS solution creates the perfect payment system for your business.

Want to manage your sales more efficiently?
We are a leading retail POS software development company, providing POS software across the domain to help businesses make the most of every sale.
  • Building Retail POS Software for Small to Large Enterprises
  • Complex POS software expertise helps you work flawlessly
  • Help companies optimize their future by using the latest POS technology



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Solve Multiple Problems With Our POS Software

Are you intimidated by the paperwork and billing for each of your sales? Is it tiring to keep up with inventory all the time? You can solve these problems with the help of comprehensive POS solution development.

By developing a POS solution for your retail business, you will gain extensive product research capabilities and real-time updates of inventory data across your offline and online businesses. With integrated analytics and customer relationship management, your POS system will be easy to use, incredibly intuitive, and powerful enough for your business to manage a single store or multiple store locations.

At TechnicalMad Technologies Solutions, our developers have a wealth of experience working on POS solution development projects. Our developers have successfully completed the development of POS terminals, dashboards and applications. Thus, we as one of the leading POS software companies assure to deliver you the software that matches your needs.

POS Point of Sale Software development solutions company indore technicalmad technologies solutions company indore

POS Development



Cloud POS solutions work in online as well as an offline mode with the ability to sync automatically when connected. You can use any tool at any time to log in and check the status of analytics, reports, customer data or inventory. It also allows for seamless multi-store management and hence, it is suitable for chain stores and restaurants that have branches across multiple locations.


Smartphone POS services help you process payments and manage inventory as well as customer information. The mobile POS software that we develop can run in both online and offline mode. Our full-scale point-of-sale app that works on both Apple and Android devices can be used by daycare providers, contract professional services, farmers market vendors, freelancers and others like them.


Online POS solutions are mostly used by eCommerce stores or platforms. The main function of this type of POS software is to help the company manage the business more efficiently and keep it running without any glitches in its functioning. Point of sale software helps with inventory management of products in the warehouse along with all order status and manages data for customer service.


Terminal POS system software is usually the same one you see in a retail store or supermarket. They are a combination of software and hardware, which requires access to the Internet. However, at Space-O, our POS software developers can create terminal POS system software that can also run without the internet. It can be used in full-service restaurants, supermarkets, retail stores, salons.


Most of the kiosks have specialized POS solutions which are integrated as per the needs and purpose of the kiosk. Kiosk systems can be used by different industries in different ways. For example, malls or movie theatres may have self-service kiosks for purchasing movie tickets or parking tickets. At TechnicalMad Technologies Solutions, we can create Self-Service Kiosk POS Software that can work in online or offline mode with the latest tools.


iPad and Android tablet point-of-sale solutions require less investment. Such POS software can be used on tablets in offline mode and then synchronized with other devices in online mode for data transfer. Tablet versions of POS systems can be used by quick-service restaurants such as juice bars, sandwich shops, ice cream parlors and other locations such as small theatres, restaurants, art galleries, spas and salons.

Key Features We Integrate Into POS Software For Our Customers

Our team develops POS solutions that integrate various modules such as time and attendance, inventory records, accounting and discount cards. This automation reduces the scope of errors and non-compliance as compared to various manual data management.

Manage employee time schedules with our clock-in and clock-out facility as well as salary and bonus packages with our 100% structured POS system software. It is easy to administer time shifts and any changes in advance payroll, according to your business needs.

With our complete custom POS solutions, it's easy to keep track of what's on sale or out of stock in your warehouse. They are also able to remove errors that occur when manually calculating product inventory stock.

Track all sales types and get data on customers' spending patterns, habits and behavior with our advanced customized POS software. It helps your business to identify valuable and regular customers and enhance the customer experience.

We develop POS solutions that generate detailed reports to help you understand products in high demand and revenue-generating products. This enables you to target and steer your sales strategies toward the most profitable items in your store.

Whether your customer holds cash, uses a card, or prefers an online banking/mobile wallet, our custom POS system software provides the convenience of choosing one. Transaction times and errors should also be reduced as everything is automated.

You cannot compromise the details of your suppliers and sales reports or customer details (including phone numbers and cards). Therefore, when designing your custom POS system software, we integrate the most standard security technologies and tools.

Whether you want the best POS software for small businesses or a franchise, we develop a POS system software for businesses of every shape and size. This feature also helps you to run different stores or departments of the same store in the correct order.

The Mobile Access feature enables you to access your POS system from any location with any type of mobile device and monitor your business transactions, even if you are not physically present at the site. It is widely useful for many online store managers.

We have developed POS solutions for these industries


When POS system software is mentioned, the best example where it is seen in action is the retail industry. There are several categories in the retail industry:

  • Clothes and shoes
  • Food and Beverages
  • entertainment
  • Books & Stationery
  • Electronics
  • equipment
  • pet Supplies
  • beauty supplies
  • Furniture and other home furnishings

If you are running a retail business, hire our dedicated developers for POS system software to track inventory, automate accounting and analyze customer behavior.

Our customized POS software system can also help automate the operations of the hospitality industry which includes a wide range of services which are as follows:

  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Hotels & Accommodations
  • Travel Agencies
  • Airlines
  • Wedding Services
  • Café
  • Bakery

All these service providers can use analytical and understand customer behavior. You can target frequent travelers and offer them one-time discounts.

There are many POS systems in malls and supermarkets. These are used by the store-owners to provide continuous service and to collect payments without any hassle.

  • Clothing Chain Stores
  • Sports Chain Stores
  • Chain Restaurant
  • Food Court
  • Supermarket
  • Branded Outlet

These system data may be collected and saved for future promotions. Users can avail discounts, and get updates about opening a new branch in different cities.

There are many such organizations, and there are large companies that provide services rather than products to their customers, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Salon & Spa
  • Cleaning Service Provider
  • Kit-Control
  • Car Repair And Maintenance
  • Events Manager
  • Marketing
  • Shipping Companies
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Wall-Painting And Furnishing
  • Pet Grooming & Pet Hostel

The list could be endless. If your business also provides services, you will benefit from POS development to manage bookings and keep track of resources.

Why is TechnicalMad Technologies Solutions the Essential Partner for Your POS Solutions?

Being a leading POS solution provider, we have highly skilled and expert developers who use best practices to develop POS software. We will help you grow your business by taking advantage of all the benefits of the best POS software and ensure that you get quality software for smooth and smooth functioning.

  • Experienced Developers

Our POS software developers have experience in creating POS software that has unique features and functionalities.

  • Model Rental

We offer several flexible models to hire POS developers on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis to facilitate you.

  • Free Consultation

We offer a free 30-minute initial consultation to understand your company’s requirements and the scope of the POS project.

  • Technical Support

We provide 3 months of free technical support after the completion of the project to assist you with the app.

  • Quality

We have a commitment to quality work and hence we use the best, latest practices and provide you with excellent POS solutions.

  • Point of The Contact Person

You will be provided with the details of a contact person whom you can contact if you have any project questions.

POS Point of Sale Software development solutions company indore technicalmad technologies solutions company indore

POS Software Development

Frequently asked questions

Being a leading POS solution provider, we have highly skilled and expert developers who use best practices to develop POS software. We will help you grow your business by taking advantage of all the benefits of the best POS software and ensure that you get quality software for smooth and smooth functioning.

You may be using the traditional method or a partial POS solution for your business. This increases the workload for your employees and managers, eventually slowing down the checkout process and matching. POS software can speed up processes and make them run more smoothly. Therefore, POS solution development can be very beneficial to your business, no matter how big or small.

Yes, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with all of our customers. We assure you that we will take all preventive measures to protect your unique idea and other details.

We do not provide hardware with the POS software solution that we will develop. So you can definitely use your own equipment.

POS solutions are used by both small and large organizations. The POS software solution that we will develop is specially designed based on the problem your business is facing. We can develop simple mobile POS apps from scratch or build large enterprise-scale solutions for your business.

We use a variety of tools to manage your POS solution development process. We use Git to control source code revision and we maintain an account on Bit Bucket for repository hosting. Along with these, our team uses Basecamp for project management, which we will share with you.

Yes, we expect only 2 things from your side. First, we expect clarity about what you want and what you don't. This will help us serve you better and ensure that you are happy with the end results. Second, we expect you to be ready for feedback and changes. We are all very excited to see the launch of your app and your quick response will help us speed up the development process.

Undoubtedly. Our team understands and is updated on PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requirements and we can help you comply.

Yes, we take some measures to ensure the security of the solution you develop. Here are some rules for this:

  • Apply for signature-based permissions
  • Do not allow access to your app's content providers
  • Implement network security measures
  • Safe office environment and continuous monitoring at the workplace

Still have you any problem for solutions?

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