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We are at the forefront of the Facebook advertising Company  and therefore believe in offering quality-oriented category of      Facebook marketing services.


Facebook Marketing Company

To advertise your products and services online to the widest possible audience, you probably want to invest in some proven social media channels. Out of which, Facebook marketing services provided by Technicalmad IT Solutions are the best that gives business owners a golden opportunity to connect directly with their customers who are willing to receive promoted services.

Over the past years, we have developed effective and become a powerful online marketing company by delivering satisfactory 500+ social media marketing projects in 70+ countries. We met the specific social media marketing needs of 480+ customers. Our 3+ social media marketing experts focus on providing enhanced user engagement and traffic to your targeted service pages.


User Management

Without user engagement, business incentives cannot cross-market barriers. We help you widen your horizons at this point and allow your business to engage with customers.

Accepted conversion example

By introducing Facebook paid advertising, we open doors for entrepreneurs to increase their sales with the help of high conversion rates.

Facebook campaign management

By making your business more advanced, engaging, and expanding with our professionally introduced Facebook campaign management, which brings active viewers to the service page.

Brand Awareness

Technological campaign IT Solutions considers it its duty to create excellent brand awareness among customers to make Facebook's campaign a success.

Lead Generation

We create a strong lead generation strategy for your target service page to drive business forward with the help of marketing automation.

APP management

Here, you will get the opportunity to improve your brand awareness by tricking your business followers into your app with advertisements whether it is desktop or mobile.

Traffic Division

This is the most beneficial strategy implemented to redirect traffic to the landing page to achieve the desired goals.

Local Traffic Rewards and Reach

Being appreciated as a trusted Facebook advertising agency, we assure you to manage the significant reputation of your brand by reaching customers effectively through your well-maintained social page.

Paid Page activities

We also provide reliable payment activities, in which you are likely to receive more likes and responses regarding your services than other organic promotional methods.

Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

From a marketing point of view, Facebook has proved to be a great platform as it enables it to interact better with all existing as well as potential customers. There is no denying the fact that it is a difficult task to get potential customers out and convert them into customers and it requires skill.

Facebook Advertising Company

Being a Facebook advertising company, Technicalmad IT Solutions creatively presents your business so that everyone scrolls to the Facebook page and reaches that page at least once. We have a passionate social media marketers’ team that applies proven techniques that are necessary to promote your services among targeted and non-targeted customers.

 Incorporating Facebook as your promotional tool will take your business longer and ignoring it can result in damage to your marketing campaign. To facilitate you and your business, we categorize our Facebook advertising Company services into three parts, it depends on your marketing objective which is awareness, idea and conversion.


How We Take Advantage of Facebook Marketing with Our Def Team!

We pride ourselves that our team knows every aspect of Facebook marketing.

Our adroit marketing professionals are always ready to face challenges in between promotional activities and solve them without wasting every second.

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Why Choose Us?

Bring Quality Traffic

Facebook is the best way to reach wider markets. With us, you can advertise your services to the target audience that you consider to be converted into customers.

Editable Advertising Solution

To provide flawless and result-oriented Facebook advertising solutions, we put together a specialized team, which effectively deals with all marketing issues.

Building Customer Audience

We have a skilled team capable of building custom audiences by reaching them directly and helping to develop repeat business prospects from the same.

Planning and Campus Conditions

Distribution of advertisements through Facebook is the best way to run the campaign successfully. We do this to make your business prominent on all search engines.

Is Facebook Really a Business Marketing Platform?

Almost all social media users are on Facebook. In fact, more than 80% of ‘other’ social media network users also use Facebook. On the other hand, 8 out of 10 businessmen, regardless of the size and shape of their business, agree that Facebook is a high advantage for their overall marketing campaign. The massive growth and global adoption of Facebook have made it an almost ‘mandatory’ marketing platform for all businesses.

People, brands, businesses, groups – all are equally aware of the potential this social media giant has to offer. With billions of people to connect all in one place, Facebook can introduce your business to your potential audience, who love your business. The best thing about the stage is that you can reach them where they are engaged. The fact that Facebook is on 3 out of every 4 smartphones and more than half of Facebook users watch it every day makes it a ‘must’ for your online marketing initiatives. Partner with the top-rated Facebook advertising company/agency.

How will Technicalmad appear in my Facebook marketing campaign?

Whether it is connecting your business to people and other businesses or advertising your products and services, at Technicalmad ™, we aim to make your marketing experience on Facebook valuable and practical. Our Facebook marketing experts help you connect and connect efficiently with the RIGHT audience across all devices.

We use the best and latest technology available to establish and optimize the position and engagement of your business on social platforms. After a thorough study of your business, goals and the prevailing competition, we create a comprehensive Facebook campaign strategy, taking into account a combination of different types of strategy.

Our goal is to assure that your business grows an equally profitable presence from its social arm.

If you are new to the social media landscape, the first step in our Facebook campaign plan is to create a brand page for your Company or  business to raise awareness and stay connected to your target audience. We design and style your page in a way that presents your business in the best light. We don’t just stop connecting you with our fans; We focus on deepening connections by converting potential traffic from Facebook to paying customers. After creating your fan page, it is our job to tell the story of your page’s audience and their connections.

We build an audience base for your page through the various promotional methods available on Facebook. Our Facebook team, as well as the creative team, work on creating the kind of content for your page that your fans will love and want to keep coming back for more. We determine the correct frequency and number of updates that will ensure optimal visibility and engagement. We will regularly provide you with useful insights into your audience and their feedback. This will help identify what types of posts your fans like to see when they visit your page. If you want to get an obligation-free consultation from one of our Facebook marketing experts, contact us as soon as possible.

Our Team

You can expect this from our expert marketing team as they plan and implement a strategic Facebook marketing campaign to provide you with high conversion rates in all manners.