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    Increase sales and customer satisfaction with smarter SMS campaigns, instant OTP, notifications, two-way interactions, and other award-winning bulk SMS services.

    Advanced Dashboard

    Take a quick look at your complete message status, configure SENDER ID, template in real time. Check the number of available credits, number of messages sent on the same day, weekly, monthly and previous month. Create an experience that every user likes.

    Customized message

    Communicate with your customers on a personal level and deliver effective messages. Customized messages enable you to send messages easily by mentioning custom fields such as customer names, mobile numbers, message templates, etc.

    Multiple Sender IDs

    Create and manage multiple sender IDs with our user friendly web portal. Improve brand awareness and promote your brand with a sender ID that your customer is familiar with.


    Delivery Report and Analysis

    Receive real-time reports about the status of the message for filter status intelligent. Graphical analytics allows you to see the number of messages sent, on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc. basis.


    Bulk contact upload

    Contact and send 500K in single batch via bulk upload. Track the progress of file uploads in the progress bar and get instant information about pending uploads.


    Campaign Management

    Run, manage and monitor your SMS campaigns from a single, user-friendly dashboard interface. Send message via API request or upload message to our platform and let us handle message delivery.


    SMS World Bulk SMS APIs allow you to send bulk SMS offers, trigger transactional updates and OTPs, receive inbound SMS, pull reports, manage contacts and more. Our intelligent SMS gateway routing assures best-in-class delivery.


    24/7 support

    Reach us around the clock and we are happy to help you. The SMS World Customer Support Team is available 24/7 and assures you to solve your queries quickly.

    Communicate in many languages

    Connect with your customers in a better way by sending and sending messages in your favorite language worldwide through Unicode messages.

    Our best Marketing Services

    Technicalmad’s social media marketing campaigns start with a purpose or goal. To drive customers, grow your audience and expand your reach. Our social media management covers all marketing aspects of developing your social presence while showcasing your company’s personality.











    Engaging audiences with eye-catching Graphics

    How you are representing your brand goes beyond the pages of your website and your social media accounts. Cover images and profile pictures are valuable real estate when it comes to sharing what you are doing. Can your brand take advantage of free space by sharing the best design you can?

    Graphic Design in Social Media.​

    Images are about 75% of the content posted by brands on Facebook.
    And images generate 87-% engagement rates — 10 times more than text-based status updates or links. Adding an image to your tweet can increase by more than 35% of retweets.


    Creative Design


    Innovative Solutions


    Analysis Product 

    Technicalmad Graphic Design

    Overview of Company Products

    Quality Graphic Design to meet the huge requirements of your business & services. World of Technicalmad company products that infuse a new life into the IT & services industry.

    Creative Vibe

    Retina Tested

    Secure Device

    Screen Optimize

    Connecting with your Targeted Audience.
    We Deliver Comprehensive Pay Per Click Services

    Try our service today. Step-by-step guidance. Attract more customers. Creation of ads. Grow your business.

    Search Advertisement

    Search advertising or wholesale film is a powerful way to get people who are searching for the services you are offering. This is the best way to outperform the competition in search results.

    Display Advertising

    A display ad can generate a lot of traffic to your website by providing relevant value to the visitor. Display advertising brings a more comprehensive platform to display your advertisement to the right people.

    Remarketing and Retargeting

    Both remarketing and retargeting are powerful words that drive digital marketing. Many people confuse these same-sounding words, but they are both different and serve a diverse purpose.

    Utilization of Products & Services

    We’re here with our expertise in the area of business & IT product development. We also create products for start-ups across the globe.

    Logo Design

    Product Design

    Ui Ux Design

    Infographics Design

    Print Design

    Web Analysis

    Keyword Research

    Web Analysis

    Website Optimize

    Project Done

    Ask an expert. We're here to help

    We’re ready to accelerate your Social Media marketing success.


    Why Your Business Needs PPC Services?

    As your leading digital marketing agency, we at Technicalmad IT Solutions possess the actual clear understanding of your requirements.

    You might think that you don’t need to do PPC services for your business, but you really should. There are many benefits that you will be able to enjoy when you appoint experts to keep in mind that the results are both mediocre and fast.

    Not only that, but you can determine when you want to run ads and how much you want to spend, along with targeting a specific audience. Since you are only paying for clicks, you can choose how much you want to pay and this is a great way to get the top reputed position on Google search results. Provide the best PPC (pay per click) advertising services in India, this will help you without any worries. You can outsource PPC to us

    You have a Vision.
    We have a team to get you there.

    We’re ready to accelerate your business success.

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