10 Reasons You Need Digital Marketing Strategy in Lockdown

Importance of planning and using digital marketing strategies to support digital transformation and company growth

Where would you start if you wanted to develop a digital marketing strategy? This is still a common challenge as many businesses are aware of how important digital and mobile channels are today to acquire and retain customers. Yet they do not have a unified plan to develop and engage their audiences effectively. If your business does not have a plan, you will suffer from the ten problems to be highlighted later in this article and you will lose out to competitors who are more digitally knowledgeable.

In my experience, a common challenge is how to start your digital marketing plan. I think there is a fear that a mass report is needed, but we believe that lean planning works best. Your plan does not need to be a large report, a strategy can be summarized A2 into two or three sides in a table linking digital marketing strategies for SMART objectives within our RACE planning framework.

Another challenge is the pure scope and scale of digital marketing.

There are many exceptional digital marketing techniques ranging from search, social and email marketing to improve the digital experience of your website.

Our article, what is Digital Marketing? This illustrates how you can define a more manageable number of digital marketing activities using our RACE planning framework that covers the entire customer journey. Within each digital marketing technique, there are a lot of detailed strategies that are critical to success, so they need to be evaluated and prioritized, for example, dynamic content for email automation, website personalization for the organization, retargeting And skyscraper content.

A Recommended Approach to Developing a Digital Strategy

Benchmarking to compare whether or not you have a strategy at the heart of the Smart Insights opportunity, strategy, active approach to improving digital marketing is where you can see the potential against the need to be in the future. Are assessing.

Importance of Digital Marketing Strategy in Business Outcome

A well-defined digital marketing strategy helps navigate the buyers’ journey. This enables organizations to connect with and influence users at every possible touchpoint. Here are three reasons why a digital marketing strategy brings business results:

Helps give you a personal experience

Technicalmad found that 53% of customers always expect personalized offers, and 62% of brands anticipate their needs. It also made AI necessary for companies in industries looking for a better customer experience (CX). Digital marketing channels allow you to segment your target audience based on demographic, psychological and geographic characteristics.

You can also define segments based on their interests, purchase patterns and product usage. Sophisticated segmentation allows you to provide a personalized experience through email marketing. Although digital advertising may not be as personal as email marketing, it allows you to reach your message to the right audience through targeting methods such as remarketing and lookalike viewers.

Allows you to track ROI properly

Gone are the days where you spend a fixed budget on print, radio and billboard advertising, without any fixed money that they are bringing. Digital marketing platforms have evolved to the point where they are sufficiently sophisticated to help you identify how much each platform is contributing.

The digital advertising medium is particularly powerful here because it provides a lot of metrics to track your advertising spend. In addition, various attribution models allow you to measure the impact of each customer touchpoint.

Provides you’re the flexibility to reduce your activities

Digital marketing is flexible. You can increase or decrease marketing activities based on their output. By optimizing the way, you perform better, you can manage your spending efficiently. And all these twists and turns can go on display.

Now that we know how digital marketing benefits achieve business objectives,

SEO and Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand to a certain extent. Let’s take a look at three strategies that can benefit you in both these aspects:

Create content for all stages of the funnel

If your content is ranking well in SERPs but is experiencing high bounce rates or low average session duration, then this may very well be a case of expectation mismatch. The searcher arrives at your website with an intention, and your content does not meet their expectations. Marketers spend a lot of time creating top-funnel (TOFU) content but do not address funnel-of-the-funnel content.

Diversify your content mix in terms of format and topics. Delay in the text as well as infographics, videos, podcasts to improve the versatility of your content marketing initiatives. Similarly, address questions that are not limited to TOFU only. Create more in-depth content that will help you turn visitors into prospects and prospects into customers.

More co-branded content this year

Co-branded content is simply a brand collaboration to publish a piece of content. This allows participating brands to show their expertise and create brand awareness. You can create comprehensive research reports or topic primers, host webinars, create video or podcast series, and so on.

In the previous point, we talked about targeting the last two stages of the funnel. Co-branded content can help you do this. And by using content reproduction, you can enhance your content creation process for various digital marketing channels and boost your distribution efforts.

Social Media Strategies

It has been more than two decades that social media has been introduced, and it has changed the way we connect with people. While new features such as stories, social commerce, etc. have rejuvenated the social media experience, here are three social media strategies you should consider this year:

Building Communities

Organic reach on major social media platforms has been declining over the years. While major corporations with deep pockets may manage to allocate a good portion of the budget for social media advertising, the pay-to-play visibility model does not work for smaller organizations.

One solution to this is to build communities on social media using core group features. The close nature of communities/groups gives uniqueness to its members and allows brands to engage on a single level.

Although Twitter may not feature a group, brands may be prompted to respond to audience questions and complaints and host regular Twitter chats to interact with their followers. Brands can also create Slack channels to bring like-minded community members together to continue the dialogue.

Micro-influencer marketing

The wave of macro-influencer marketing is falling down as consumers now prefer trust and expertise. Brands have also realized that investing in running micro-impact campaigns is a sensible option. For example, a smartphone company may engage with a technology YouTuber than working with a celebrity.

Micro-influencers are well-known experts in their niche and are considered reliable. Also, since your offerings and influencers are from the same place, there is no mismatch between the audience and the message. Micro-influencers also prove to be relatively inexpensive compared to mainstream celebrities.

And now their reach will be extended in due time, encouraging user-generated content with the brand.

Explore Other Social Media Platforms

Major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have become saturated. Constant brand noise on these platforms may drive users to brand messaging in the coming years.

Organizations need to diversify their social media mix by evaluating other platforms and how to benefit from them. For example, although Tiktok may not be an ideal platform for your brand, it can connect with influencers to run a Tiktok-specific campaign.

Identify other relevant platforms in your niche from which you can benefit. For example, brands can create their own server/instance on Mastodon, an open-source social network and invite users to join it to create a niche social media platform.

Digital Advertising Strategies

Digital advertising is maybe the most effective aspect of the digital marketing ecosystem. New advertising channels, targeting methods, and ad formats continue to emerge on an ongoing basis. Try these three strategies to step up your digital advertising initiative this year:

Prioritize Contextual Targeting for Ad Space

In contextual targeting, advertisements appear according to the content on the webpage. This targeting method ensures that you are reaching an audience that is already interested in your product. Traditional context targeting is predominantly keyword-driven.

Due to the advancement in machine learning-based targets, Semantic Target evaluates the meaning and sentiment of a webpage rather than just placing ads, so that the relevance of the ads increases.

Email Marketing Strategies

Email is still one of the most effective channels to reach your target audience. The immense opportunities of segmentation, personalization and automation allow you to enhance the customer experience (CX). You can implement these strategies for your email marketing success:

Design Mobile Friendly Email

In 2020, there are approximately 4 billion email users and 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide. If your email cannot be viewed on a smartphone device, it may affect the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

A mobile-friendly email is not limited to a particularly responsive design. Also, consider arranging the words in your subject lines to drive clicks. This means putting high-impact words at the beginning of the subject line. Here are some other guidelines to help with mobile-optimized email:

1. Adopt a minimum approach. Content hierarchy is required. Key information should not be buried below the design
2. Do not sweat the recipient to find the call-to-action (CTA) button
3. Do not keep your email with too much content. You can disable the drip-email campaign to send information sequentially

Enable User to Chat with Your Email

Email marketing should not be a passive channel. When you are on social media, the platform demands constant action from you to keep you on the platform. Brands need to think along similar lines to increase email engagement.

Brands can make their email interactive by initiating surveys or surveys or by shortening the length of emails using a carousel. And we do not think that the practice of using animated GIFs is going to be completed anytime soon.

Paid social media ads are not new. However, businesses are focusing more on Facebook and Instagram advertising than other social media platforms.

The volume of advertisements on this platform has increased almost eight times in just four years. In 2018, 31% of brands using Instagram are currently using advertisements and this number is 24% in 2017, 12% in 2016 and only 4% in 2015.

Since Facebook owns Instagram, businesses have an easier time managing ads on both of these social sites from the same interface. The format makes it very easy for companies to create ads that target the right audience, based on their needs.

Even if you are not running any paid advertising at this time, this can at least be an excellent strategy in your marketing strategy, as you approach 2020. Otherwise, your competition may start and steal your customers on social media which, for your business, is the best place to engage with them.

Digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving and becoming more intimate with the needs and demands of consumers. Hidden and before you know it, a new digital trend will be on its way. We may venture to say that video, voice, visual search and artificial intelligence are top of mind of most digital marketers.

The digital marketing strategy can bring sustainable development, and sometimes even viral development. If your digital marketing plan does not account for these emerging trends in 2020, then it is time to talk to experts.

Technicalmad’s team can help create a digital marketing strategy to implement AI, social media advertisements, voice search, and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to see how we can help your business succeed in the new year.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries. To remain competitive and grow profitably, it calls for vigilance and innovation. Not only do you need to keep up-to-date with the constantly changing trends, but you also need to apply them to your unique brand in a way that makes the most sense.

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